NHDP - ICYMI: Failed CEO Walt Havenstein's Slide Continues as MD Tax Evasion Scandal Reaches it's 60th Day

Report Shows Multiple Campaign Finance Violations

Manchester, NH – This week, failed CEO Walt Havenstein's flailing campaign continued to slide, as he refused to pay the thousands he owes Maryland taxpayers for a 60th day (and counting) and the Attorney General's Office looks into his multiple campaign finance violations.

"Amidst new questions about failed CEO Walt Havenstein's numerous campaign finance violations and after 60 days of ducking responsibility, it's long past time for Havenstein to level with the public on whether he will repay the thousands he owes Maryland taxpayers for cheating on his taxes," said New Hampshire Democratic Party Deputy Communications Director Bryan Lesswing. 

Earlier this week, the New Hampshire Democratic Party requested that the Attorney General's Office launch an immediate investigation into Havenstein's numerous campaign finance violations, including that he “spent $24,000 before he was legally allowed to, accepted $3,000 from political committees that aren't registered in the state and didn't properly report his campaign donations.” (AP, 8/26/14)
In a desperate effort to deflect attention from Havenstein's ongoing Maryland tax cheating scandal and campaign finance issues, the NHGOP launched a series of reckless attacks, which the Attorney General's Office swiftly dismissed as baseless.
In a letter to the NHGOP, the Attorney General's Office responded, “Because your complaint fails to state any factual allegation that would constitute a violation of the State’s election laws, we decline to open a file.” Or as WMUR's James Pindell tweeted“Shorter NH Associate AG to @NHGOP: You got nothing. Don't waste my time."