Smith For US Senate - Senator Bob Smith Only U.S. Senate Race Candidate to Get A+ Rating from NH Firearms Coalition


The accreditations keep coming in for Senator Bob Smith! Today, the New Hampshire Firearms Coalition (NHFC) announced their primary grades on Second Amendment issues for candidates in the NH U.S. Senate race.

These grades are the result of each candidate’s answers to an extensive questionnaire and any available voting records. In addition, the NHFC also uses any other reliable information regarding a candidate’s views on Second Amendment issues, such as to downgrade a candidate for public support of other anti-gun candidates.

"Bob Smith received an A+ rating. An ‘A+’ rating is given to a 2nd Amendment leader, and to someone who sponsors and promotes pro-gun legislation.
In contrast, Scott Brown received an F rating. An ‘F’ rating is given to candidates who sponsors or promotes legislation hostile to 2nd Amendment civil rights. Jim Rubens received a RS rating. This rating indicates a deliberate refusal to accept or respond to survey and indicates an open hostility to the Second Amendment.

Let ‘s make it clear; Bob Smith is the ONLY candidate in the NH U.S. Senate race who is 100% pro-gun. Scott Brown supports semi-auto bans and refuses to back down from that position. He opposes national reciprocity for concealed carry. Senator Smith recently received an important endorsement from Gun Owners of America. When it comes to the Second Amendment the other candidates cant hold a candle to Senator Bob Smith – and THEY KNOW IT!