Guinta For Congress (CD1) - A Study in Contrasts: Shea-Porter is Inaccessible, Ineffective and Indifferent



To: Frank Guinta, Candidate for Congress
From: Jay Ruais, Campaign Manager
RE: A study in contrast: Shea-Porter is inaccessible, ineffective and indifferent

Your business background, effective management of the State's largest city, and bipartisan leadership credentials provide a stark contrast with Rep. Shea-Porter.

Our campaign has been running a District-centric race with a focus on regional issues that often tie into national themes. We will treat the Campaign like a series of municipal races around the District, highlighting areas of concerns specific to those in these areas.

The contrast with Congresswoman Shea-Porter will be abundantly clear. She has proven herself to be inaccessible, ineffective, and indifferent to New Hampshire's needs and wants.


  • Job Fairs
    • Rep. Shea-Porter: 0
    • Frank Guinta: As Congressman, you held six job fairs, three manufacturing summits and an Empower, Educate and Engage Women’s Conference.
    • Advantage: Guinta
  • Town Halls
    • Rep. Shea-Porter: Has held zero town halls during this session of Congress
    • Frank Guinta: As a Member of Congress, you held 20 town hall meetings and district discussions. You were never afraid to meet with your constituents and took questions from all perspectives.
    • Advantage: Guinta

Inability to Govern Effectively

  • Economy
    • Rep. Shea-Porter: Voted for the stimulus that didn't stimulate and now has no backup plan to get the economy moving. This inaction comes at the same time that New Hampshire has fallen to the bottom half of the country in economic competitiveness.
    • Frank Guinta: Voted for over 30 job bills in Congress, many of which received bipartisan support. Held six job fairs. Backed legislation that reduced the burdens on small businesses.
    • Advantage: Guinta
  • ObamaCare
    • Rep. Shea-Porter: Voted to ram through Congress on a strict partisan line. Spent more than a year trying to pass the legislation after having promised to “focus like a laser on the economy.” District 1 has seen three hospitals excluded from the Exchange, including Frisbie, in her home City of Rochester. 22,000 Granite Staters lost their health insurance. Studies show that states meeting New Hampshire's demographics will see significant premium increases. Over 1000 doctors not permitted to offer care through the Exchange.
    • Frank Guinta: Conducted a Health Care Listening Tour that visited senior centers, medical device manufacturers and hospitals left off the Exchange. Talked with doctors, nurses, physical therapists and other providers to seek out their concerns. Focused on ways to reduce health care costs while increasing access to affordable, quality care. You have proposed nearly a dozen alternatives to ObamaCare.
    • Advantage: Guinta
  • Porous Borders
    • Rep. Shea-Porter: With more than 290,000 immigrants having crossed our borders illegally since April, a direct result of the DACA order issued by the Obama Administration in 2012, Congresswoman Shea-Porter has been missing in action.
    • Frank Guinta: Supported the HALT Act, which would stop the Administration from issuing illegal executive orders. You favor E-Verify, insist on enforcing the border laws already on the books, support more border patrol agents and increasing the use of technology where gaps remain in coverage.
    • Advantage: Guinta
  • Standing Abroad
    • Rep. Shea-Porter: Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Israel/Palestine, Russia/Ukraine: Everywhere you look our allies do not trust us and our enemies do not fear or respect us. The world is on fire and as a member of the House Armed Services Committee Shea-Porter should be at the forefront of offering solutions. Instead, she has been notably absent from the discussion.
    • Frank Guinta: Your belief in a strong military and supporting our allies runs counter to the Obama Administration. Your support of American interests is the type of leadership we need today.
    • Advantage: Guinta
  • Government Scandals
    • Rep. Shea-Porter: Seemingly every week another crisis hits the Administration. Whether it is lost emails at the IRS, veterans dying because of VA incompetence, the failed roll out of, the murder of our ambassador in Benghazi, or the immigration crisis on our southern border, this Administration has failed the public trust. Unfortunately the Congresswoman refuses to demand any accountability from this President.
    • Frank Guinta: Voted in favor of the STOCK Act which prohibited members, executive branch staffers and legislative staff from trading in on insider information. As a Member of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee held hearings that demanded transparency from the Administration on many of the aforementioned scandals. You have called for a special prosecutor on the IRS and demanded Carol Shea-Porter call for President Obama to rescind the DACA order and seal the border.
    • Advantage: Guinta
  • Transportation
    • Rep. Shea-Porter: Has refused to pass a long term reauthorization of transportation programs, preferring to keep Congress in panic mode. America deserves a Congress that can work together; not one that looks forward to the next sound bite.
    • Frank Guinta: As a Member of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee you can point to more than a few successful bipartisan pieces of legislation you worked on that were passed and provided for our State and Nation's transportation needs. You helped make transportation reauthorization a bipartisan effort.
    • Advantage: Guinta
Indifference: The Congresswoman has forgotten the cardinal rule of politics, all politics is local.
  • Fishing
    • Rep. Shea-Porter: Voted against legislation that would have granted our fishermen the flexibility to move out from under the onerous catch shares regulatory regime that is destroying our industry. As a Member of the Natural Resources Committee, she has direct oversight of this vital industry but has done nothing proactive to save our historic fleet.
    • Frank Guinta: Worked with Representative Barney Frank on several pieces of fisheries legislation. We were the lead Republican on a bill we co-introduced. Fought for a disaster declaration for our fisheries, which ultimately led to more than $2 million in federal funding for our fishermen.
    • Advantage: Guinta
  • Great Bay Estuary
    • Rep. Shea-Porter: The communities along the Great Bay have pleaded for help from heavy-handed EPA regulations that will cost the communities hundreds of millions of dollars. Despite a study showing these regulations are unnecessary she continues to put New Hampshire second to her ideology.
    • Frank Guinta: Wrote legislation to delay the mandate and demand a peer review study. A subsequent peer review study proved your position to be accurate. You continue to stand with the communities against the EPA's gross overreach.
    • Advantage: Guinta
  • Energy: Energy costs in New Hampshire are prohibitively expensive and make it difficult for businesses and individuals to stay here.
    • Rep. Shea-Porter: Favors Cap and Trade legislation that will increase energy costs on the average family by a total of $1500-$3500. Opposes efforts to responsibly explore for our natural resources and opposes the Keystone Pipeline which will create jobs while helping to lower fuel costs in the long run. Voted in favor government boondoggles like Solyndra that wasted taxpayers dollars without bringing energy costs down.
    • Frank Guinta: Supports an all of the above energy approach that includes responsible exploration for oil to increase the supply. He supports building Keystone and increased drilling wherever we can find oil and natural gas. The United States could be the world’s largest exporter of energy if Washington had the courage to act.
    • Advantage: Guinta
A recently released poll shows you to be in the lead over Congresswoman Shea-Porter. Voters are tired of her knee-jerk, reflexive support for the Obama Administration.
You should continue to emphasize Rep. Shea-Porter's inaccessibility, ineffectiveness and indifference to the concerns of Granite Staters while providing your own solutions.  This will offer voters a clear contrast this November.