Concord - New Hampshire Republican State Committee Jennifer Horn sent the following letter to Governor Maggie Hassan asking that she immediately release her campaign finance reports. Last week the New Hampshire Department of Justice found that Hassan had accepted tens of thousands of dollars in illegal campaign contributions:



The Honorable Maggie Hassan

Governor of New Hampshire

State House

107 North Main Street

Concord, New Hampshire 03301



Dear Governor Hassan,


On behalf of the New Hampshire Republican State Committee I am writing to request that you immediately release your campaign finance reports. Your campaign has been engulfed by a serious fundraising scandal after the New Hampshire Department of Justice found that you accepted $24,000 in illegal contributions from union PACs. Given the extraordinary circumstances surrounding this scandal, the public should be allowed to inspect your campaign finance activity immediately to ensure that you have not received any other illegal donations.


You have argued that during your two runs for governor you have had two different types of committee - a PAC before you officially filed and a candidate committee afterwards. You claim that each committee plays by different rules, creating a loophole that has allowed union bosses with business before state government to shovel unlimited amounts of campaign cash into your bank account.


During your first run for governor in 2012, your political action committee (Maggie 12') filed a required report on June 20th, 2012. Five days earlier on June 15, 2012, you filed your candidacy with the Secretary of State and converted your PAC to a candidate committee.


But during the current election cycle you have refused to release any information about your fundraising activities. Maggie 14' did not file a required report on June 18, 2014 like every other political action committee. Evidence of your illegal special interest fundraising scheme was only uncovered because of required reports filed by the union PACs that are trying to influence your administration. Your unwillingness to file a PAC report raises serious questions about what your campaign may be trying to hide.


Union Bosses and Big Labor PACs, including some that are supporting the controversial Northern Pass project, are trying to buy you off with unlimited campaign contributions. Your campaign has been caught red-handed with tens of thousands of illegal donations that you are being forced to return. And there are concerns that you may have even more illegal money in your account that has yet to be discovered.


Given your campaign's troubling pattern of illegal behavior, it's time for you to immediately release your finance reports for public inspection.




Jennifer Horn

New Hampshire Republican Party Chairman