Rubens For US Senate - Jim Rubens Pledge to End Career Politics Featured in Radio Ad

As part of an ongoing statewide radio advertising campaign, a new spot began airing today that features Jim Rubens' pledge to voters to end career politics.


"Voters are fed up with career politicians and the business as usual Washington establishment," Brian Tilton, Communications Director for the Jim Rubens for U.S. Senate campaign said.  "Voters are looking for specifics and they will hear Jim making a pledge and lead by example."


You can listen to the spot, transcript follows:


"How can you be sure I won’t become just another self-serving career politician?  I'm Jim Rubens, candidate for U.S. Senate, and I approve this message because unlike the other candidates, I didn’t move here a few months ago to run. I’ve lived and worked in New Hampshire for 40 years.

- I’ll give my Senate pension back to taxpayers.

- I pledge not to cash in as a lobbyist after leaving office.

- And I’ve term limited myself. Two terms max for Jim Rubens. 

Send Washington a message. Join me at Jim Rubens dot com."