NHDP - After Failed CEO Walt Havenstein Gets -26 Point "Christie Bounce," Walt Touts Endorsement of Failed Pres. Candidate & Outsourcer Mitt Romney

From economic failure Governor Chris Christie to job outsourcer Mitt Romney, Walt is reinforcing why his economic vision is wrong for the Granite State

Manchester, NH – As failed CEO Walt Havenstein touts his endorsement today from two-time failed presidential candidate and job-outsourcer Mitt Romney, their similar records of implementing disastrous economic strategies that shed jobs reinforce why Havenstein’s economic vision would take the Granite State in the wrong direction.

“Granite Staters should be worried that Havenstein is touting an endorsement from Mitt Romney, who helped pioneer the destructive model of shipping jobs overseas to pad corporate profits,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Deputy Communications Director Bryan Lesswing. "Just like Walt, who said he’d deny the benefits of the ACA to 50,000 hard-working Granite Staters after cashing in on the law as CEO of SAIC, Romney's career at Bain Capital shows that he too put profits over principles and people." 

"It's clear that Havenstein is desperate to talk about anything other than his own failed economy strategy that drove SAIC into the ground, shed thousands of jobs, and cost the company millions of dollars, as he left suddenly under a cloud of fraud and scandal. But by touting the endorsement of failed Governor Chris Christie, who’s state is currently tied for 48th in private-sector job creation, and job-outsourcer Mitt Romney, Walt Havenstein is only underscoring that his economic policies would hurt middle class families and take our state in the wrong direction,” continued Lesswing.