NHDP - WMUR & HuffPost: Brown Now Rails Against Immigration Policy He Voted For in Massachusetts

WMUR: Brown once voted for in-state tuition for those in US illegally, now campaigns against it

“On Tuesday Republican Senate candidate Scott Brown wrote an editorial in the New Hampshire Union Leader arguing strongly that those in the country illegally should not pay in-state tuition at public colleges and universities. However in 2004 as a Massachusetts state Senator he voted for making that very idea possible.
"Brown’s campaign said that, in effect, he was duped into voting for a late-night budget amendment along with others who oppose the idea." 

Huffington Post: Scott Brown Attacks Immigration Reform He Once Voted For
“New Hampshire GOP Senate candidate Scott Brown has been making immigration into a key campaign issue, attacking Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.) on border security in an ad and criticizing President Barack Obama for falling down on the job in an op-ed. But he has found himself in a bit of a bind, since one of the reforms he's campaigning against is something that he once voted for."
"The Brown campaign did not return a request for additional comment from The Huffington Post explaining the late-night duping..."