FreeKeeneNews - ACLU, Robin Hood Attorney File Briefs at Supreme Court

NH ACLU Files Amicus Brief in Robin Hood Case

Plus, Robin Hooders' attorney Jon Meyer also files his scathing brief with the NH Supreme Court. Clocking in at over seventy combined pages, the NH ACLU and free speech attorney Jon Meyer have filed briefs in the Robin Hood case at the Supreme Court of New Hampshire.  The city of Keene's expensive private attorneys and the NH Municipal Association filed their briefs earlier this summer and now it's the side of freedom's chance to respond.

Highlights from the NH ACLU amicus brief are here and their full filing is here.

Highlights from attorney Meyer's brief are here and his full filing is here.

The NH ACLU and Jon Meyer have done amazing work on this case defending the right of free speech, assembly, and holding government workers accountable.  Hopefully the NH supreme court will agree with them and affirm the superior court's decision to dismiss the cit of Keene's outrageous and illegal case against the heroic Robin Hooders, whose real "crime" is to deprive the city of thousands of dollars of their precious parking ticket revenue, keeping it in the pockets of the people!

The next step is the possibility of oral arguments in front of the NH supreme court, but a date for that has not yet been set.  Stay tuned to Free Keene for the latest.

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Ian Freeman