NHDP - ICYMI: NHPR's "The Exchange" Highlights Failed CEO Walt Havenstein Hypocrisy

Lack of New Hampshire Knowledge and Koch Brothers/Big Business Agenda

Manchester, NH – In the course of a few minutes on NHPR's “The Exchange” this morning, failed CEO Walt Havenstein was called out for decrying government spending after cashing in on federal contracts as CEO, failing to understand the basic operations of New Hampshire government and proposing an economic "plan" that does nothing for New Hampshire small businesses.
During the show, a listener emailed a comment criticizing Walt for his blatant hypocrisy, “It’s ironic that Walt Havenstein is moralizing about government spending after making his fortune as an executive for defense contracting companies. His fortune was made almost entirely using taxpayer funds.”
The listener's comments follow recent revelations revealing that Havenstein cashed in on the Affordable Care Act as CEO of SAIC, despite pledging to deny the health care law’s benefits to 50,000 Granite Staters.

Political commentator Dean Spiliotes noted that “ … it was clear that his [Havenstein's] grasp of the mechanics of state government in the state were not as strong as they should be," referring to an earlier incident went Havenstein suggested he would veto a constitutional amendment banning discrimination based on sexual orientation -- unaware of the fact that Governors can't veto constitutional amendments. Spiliotes also commented that being a CEO doesn't necessarily translate to being a Governor, noting, "we have the example of Craig Benson, that didn't go particularly well […] simply saying that being a CEO translates into being a Governor or a U.S. Senator, or what have you, it's not really the case." 
Later in the show, Garry Rayno highlighted how Walt’s economic “plan” to lower the Business Profits Tax would largely benefit multi-national companies, while not doing anything for New Hampshire small businesses. Havenstein's "plan," which simply re-packages the same failed Bill O'Brien/Koch Brothers policies, reinforces once again, that Havenstein's agenda would be disastrous for New Hampshire's people and economy. 

Listen to the full audio from this morning’s “The Exchange