NHDP - NHGOP, Jennifer Horn Feign Ethical Outrage to Score Political Points

Horn Forgets She was Called out for Campaign Finance Violations and Hypocrisy by Grant Bosse, Who Himself Now Does Political Consulting from his Government Job

Manchester, NH – The feigned ethical outrage from the New Hampshire Republican Party and its Chair Jennifer Horn, who owes $92,184.67 in unpaid taxes from 2008-2009, flies in the face of Horn’s years of campaign finance violations and hypocrisy, as fellow Republican Grant Bosse has pointed out at length.
Not to mention that Bosse’s righteous indignation is nearly as laughable as Horn’s, as he now does political consulting for candidate Dan Innis while also working in a government job as the Senate Majority Caucus Director.
“Nobody could possibly take Jennifer Horn or any member of the New Hampshire Republican Party seriously when it comes to their manufactured ethical outrage,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Raymond Buckley. “Between not paying her taxes and her questionable campaign finance actions, Horn’s credibility on ethical questions is even worse than her record of winning elections.”
Horn’s recent phony outrage over campaign finance reform contradicts her numerous questionable campaign finance practices as a candidate, including using a D.C.-based non-profit to help raise funds for her struggling and cash-starved campaign in violation of IRS rules.
As a candidate Horn also displayed remarkable hypocrisy, repeatedly criticizing other candidates for practices she herself exploited.
After calling on her primary opponent State Senator Bob Clegg to return contributions he had received from state lobbyists, it surfaced that Horn had accepted nearly two times as much money from lobbyists as Clegg had.
Horn also tried to claim that Clegg was “trying to buy the election” by loaning his campaign $250,000. The only problem was that she too loaned her campaign money, to the tune of $175,000 for the primary.
“The voters of New Hampshire will see right through the New Hampshire Republican Party’s desperate attempt to change the subject from the fact that their candidates, like failed CEO Walt Havenstein and conservative activist Andrew Hemingway, would implement the same failed Bill O’Brien/Koch Brothers agenda that would hurt our middle class and take our state backwards,” added Buckley.