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Scott Brown: We Need True Leadership To Defeat ISIS

MANCHESTER – On WMUR's CloseUp this morning, Scott Brown emphasized the need to have strong leadership in order to defeat ISIS.

On Friday, Brown called on Congress to pass a bill stripping the citizenship of any Americans fighting alongside ISIS - a measure he had introduced twice during his time in the Senate.

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JOSH MCELVEEN: Let's talk about the issues today and central to that might be the situation with ISIS. Couple schools of thought here, some think that best approach here is to seal our borders off and let the world burn down around us more or less. Others think we have to take the fight to ISIS. You're in the latter camp, which raises the question, to what degree do we go after them?
SCOTT BROWN: Well they beheaded one of our citizens. They want to go down Pennsylvania Ave. and put a flag in the White House and President Obama say they're the JV. No, his own Secretary of Defense says they're real and they’re well-funded and well-armed, and as a matter of fact, we have citizens right now -- I filed a bill four years ago to strip people like that, like that are fighting for and with ISIS right now who have left their citizenship at the door. I’ve filed a bill, I’m going to refile it when I get re-elected it to go down there and make sure we strip that citizenship because they don't deserve the protections and guarantees of a U.S. citizen and the Constitution, they're hiding behind it. To think they can actually use their American passport, fight for ISIS, use their American passport and come into our country, it is not going to happen as long as I’m going to be there. And once again, Senator Shaheen, as a member of the Foreign Relations Committee, has backed those failed policies of President Obama 99% of the time. We need a true independent leadership and a check and balance to those failed policies.
MCELVEEN: What do you think about the immediate problem of ISIS?
BROWN: Finally the President has done what I called for for a while. You need to do targeted air strikes and dismantle their command and control structure, go after their supply lines. We have to work with our Arab League partners and we need to arm the Kurds and have the Iraqis be able to regroup and push back because their goal is to export terrorism around the region and the world. Our goal is to make sure that doesn’t happen. We can put our heads in the sand and call them the JV or we can actually do something. I quite frankly, don't want to see them plant a flag in the White House and I also don’t want to see them continue to murder our citizens.
MCELVEEN: Should every option remain on the table, do you think?
BROWN: In any conflict every option should be on the table. Of course, we are a leader but we are having trouble. I want to run, and I’m running to help restore America to the economic and military power that it once was.