APP - Let's Fix the Dollar

Milk just hit an all-time high.
Meat prices are at record levels.
The cost of living is skyrocketing.
Wages are stagnant.
Dear Friends,
Did you see this article about the kick off of a new conservative project?  
Last Wednesday American Principles in Action kicked off our newest project: Fix the Dollar.
Our plan is to ignite a grassroots movement to fix the dollar by exposing the destructive policies from the Federal Reserve. We believe that the Federal Reserve should be focused on strengthening and protecting the value of the dollar, not weakening it by printing money out of thin air.   
This movement can only be successful with people like you joining us. Will you forward this email to your family and friends?
At the launch of our new project, Steve Forbes said, "You can get it right on taxes. You can it right on regulation.  You can get it right on government spending.  But if you don’t get the money right it’s all for naught."  
He's exactly right.
Think about this simple fact: 
Had the United States remained on the gold standard the last forty years since it was ended by Richard Nixon and had our nation continued the exact same economic growth we experienced during the forty years prior to Nixon’s Shock of August 1971 our economy would be 50% larger today. That means $8 TRILLION in additional wealth for Americans.
Imagine what life would be like if this nation was 50% wealthier. What are you and I going to do about it? Join the money revolt today!
Look for a Fix the Dollar event near you and join the movement for equitable prosperity for all!
It’s time for the next great revolt: The Money Revolt! 
On to Victory, Steve Lonegan
Director of Monetary Policy
American Principles in Action
P.S. Read more about our new conservative movement and the kick off of our "Fix The Dollar" project, by clicking here for the article by Ralph Benko
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