People know and they're finding out that Senator Shaheen has endorsed and supported the failed policies of President Obama over 99 percent of the time"

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September 10, 2014

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SCOTT BROWN (speech last night): I'm so grateful tonight. I'm honored to be your nominee for United States Senator!

All across New Hampshire, people are voting for change because they want the best for our state and for our country.
BRIAN KILMEADE: Former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown clinching the Republican nomination for the Senate seat in New Hampshire and he did it last night, defeating former U.S. Senator Bob Smith, former State Senator Jim Rubens with 50% of the vote. There were nine people in the race. Next stop, November. He'll face incumbent Senator Jeanne Shaheen in the general election who was also governor of that state for a while. Joining us right now is the man who beat out nine competitors, Senator Scott Brown. Senator I wasn't surprised that you won, but I think many are surprised in most polls you were within two points of the sitting senator. How have you done it?
BROWN: Well I've done it by taking my message to people's living rooms, holding town halls, which is still a very big deal in New Hampshire. She has not held any town halls. And really just going door to door and looking people in the eye and say listen, I'm Scott Brown and let me tell you how I'm different. Let me tell you that I will be that independent voter and thinker because as people know and they're finding out, Senator Shaheen has endorsed and supported the failed policies of President Obama over 99 percent of the time and what does that mean for people, Brian? That means that paying more for energy, they're paying more for health care, we have problems at the border, we have problems with our world policy. There's so many things we differ and they want change.