CEI Today: Ex-Im Bank funding, EPA carbon pollution rule, and airport passenger fees

Wednesday, September 10, 2014
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Don’t Tie Ex-Im Renewal to Government Shutdown

It appears Congress will decide the Export-Import Bank’s short-term fate this week.We’ll find out in the next few days which side wins. In the meantime, enjoy the odd spectacle of left-wing populists advocating special favors for the same big businesses they usually rail against, and the GOP’s free-market wing, popularly perceived as stooges for big business, calling for an end to corporate welfare. > Read more


> Interview Ryan Young




Globalwarming.org: EPA “Carbon Pollution” Rule Will Not Incentivize Investment In Carbon Capture Technology

A new MIT study implicitly confirms the obvious: EPA’s “carbon pollution rule” — the agency’s proposed carbon dioxide (CO2) emission standards for new fossil-fuel power plants — is a fuel-switching mandate. Whether through miscalulation or design, the rule does not promote investment in new coal generation with carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology. Rather, the rule effectively bans investment in new coal power plants.
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> Interview Marlo Lewis




User Fees Are Not Taxes

Unlike federal Airport Improvement Program grants and local debt financing, airport passenger facility charges offer a fair, transparent, and direct way for users to pay for their use. The monies collected by the airports are kept by the airports, who then use the funds to make Federal Aviation Administration-approved airport improvements. There are no Washington fiscal sleights of hand to worry about and accountability remains a local matter. Unfortunately, Congress has capped the maximum PFC at $4.50, an amount unchanged since 2000. > Read more

> Interview Marc Scribner


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