NHDP - GENERAL ELECTION WATCH: The Real Scott Brown Is Not for NH

Manchester, NH—As the general election season begins, people in New Hampshire need to know the real Scott Brown—how he’s voted and where he stands on important issues.  In Massachusetts, Scott Brown looked out for himself and the Big Oil and Wall Street special interests that fund his campaigns, not the people he was supposed to represent.  Here are all the reasons Scott Brown can't be trusted to stand up for New Hampshire:

The Facts On The Real Scott Brown:
  • Scott Brown "delivered for Wall Street” – that’s how the Boston Globe described his work getting a $19,000,000,000 break for big banks.
  • Scott Brown supports the Hobby Lobby decision and cosponsored the Blunt amendment, a controversial plan that could allow employers to block access to women's birth control.
  • Scott Brown opposes equal pay protections for women. 
  • Scott Brown opposes an increase in the minimum wage.
  • Scott Brown opposes Senator Shaheen's plan to refinance student loans.
  • Scott Brown sides with the Big Oil Koch Brothers in denying the widely accepted fact that climate change is real.
  • Scott Brown said he would not create a single job for New Hampshire if he were elected to the Senate.
“Scott Brown's record is proof that he is wrong for New Hampshire,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain. “New Hampshire women can't trust Scott Brown because of his opposition to equal pay for equal work, and support for a plan that could block access to coverage for basic health services.  New Hampshire workers can't afford his opposition to increasing the minimum wage and support for Wall Street's special breaks. And New Hampshire residents can't trust his record of putting the Big Oil companies that fund his campaigns first.  Scott Brown is out for Scott Brown, and that's wrong for New Hampshire."