NHDP - ICYMI: Scott Brown Taken to Task by National Media for “Phony” Introduction

Opposing Equal Pay While Giving Out Meaningless Awards to Women

Manchester, NH—What a way to kick off a general election. Scott Brown’s hollow, meaningless attempts to connect with New Hampshire women, and the fact that even Republicans think he’s a phony, has left national mocking his campaign in the early days of his general election. Following two stories—one in Time and one in the Washington Post—revealing a series of Brown missteps that ranged from bizarre to insulting, Rachel Maddow, Stephen Colbert, and Chris Matthews rightfully called him out. 
On Monday night, Rachel Maddow concentrated on Brown’s attempt to “win over the lady voters of New Hampshire one trophy at a time.”

On Tuesday night, Colbert dedicated a lengthy segment of his show to the fact that Brown opposes equal pay protections for women, opting to give them meaningless and condescending plaques instead.

Then, both Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow latched on to what the Washington Post called “the worst introduction ever” by Chris Sununu—confirming that even Brown’s political allies think he is a complete phony.