NHDP - Tea Party Extremist Marilinda Garcia Campaigns on Denying Health Coverage to Granite Staters

Refuses to Say Where She Gets Her Own Health Coverage

Granite State Voters Deserve to Know What Garcia is Hiding When it Comes to Her Own Health Care

Manchester, NH – Despite signing the Koch Brothers pledge calling to take awayhealth coverage from tens of thousands of Granite Staters, Tea Party extremist Marilinda Garcia refused to say where she received her own health care in an NHPR interview earlier this week.

While Garcia has made health care a central issue in her campaign, when asked directly about her own health coverage in a recent NHPR interview, she responded, “I… that’s my own issue.” After Garcia was given another chance to share later, she reiterated, “I don’t need to talk about that. Thank you.”

“Tea Party extremist Marilinda Garcia signed the Koch Brothers pledge calling to take away health care from tens of thousands of Granite State families, but refuses to say where she receives her own coverage,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Deputy Communications Director Bryan Lesswing. “If Marilinda Garcia is going to make denying health coverage to hard-working Granite Staters a central part of her campaign, then voters deserve to know what she is hiding when it comes to her own health care."

See an excerpt from the interview below or the full NHPR story here:


But when asked about her own health care coverage, Garcia demurred.

Garcia: “I… that’s my own issue.”

NHPR: “So you don’t want to say?”

Garcia: “No that’s fine, I don’t need to share everything.”

NHPR: “I bet it will come up again. Probably that’s something the media will want to know, with you making health care an issue in your campaign.”

Garcia: “My constituents talk to me so I am not here running on my own issues. I am expressing what they come up with.“

NHPR: “Is it fair to say you are not getting your health care through Obamacare, through the (federal) exchange?”

Garcia: “I don’t need to talk about that. Thank you.”