Citizens For A Strong NH - E-Newsletter: Less in Your Wallet and Amending the 1st Amendment


Grassroots: "Less in Your Wallet" campaign


On Tuesday, we were busy with our "Less in Your Wallet" campaign. Outside polling locations throughout the state, Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire's volunteers were busy leaving wallets on the ground with messages inside.  The purpose was to remind Granite Staters that because of Governor Maggie Hassan's and Jeanne Shaheen's liberal tax and spend policies, they have less in their wallets and pocketbooks. 

The response has been great and many New Hampshire residents emailed us and posted photos of the wallets on Twitter and Facebook. 
First Amendment: Shaheen wants to amend it
The Senate advanced a controversial Democratic bill this week to amend the Constitution so Congress would have the authority to regulate political speech by corporations and other groups, an idea many have called a dangerous plan to weaken the First Amendment.  Senator Jeanne Shaheen not only voted for it, but she actually co-sponsored the legislation. 

Once again, we were incredibly disappointed in Senator Shaheen's actions to try and pass a bill simply to protect her career and limit one of the cornerstones of the vision our Founding Fathers had for this nation. 

The New Hampshire Union Leader was also critical of our senator's actions in their editorial page. On Tuesday, they said,
"Jeanne Shaheen wants you to shut up already. She believes passionately that the First Amendment is too broad. It has to be rewritten to give government the authority to limit the speech of citizens." We couldn't agree more with the Union Leader's comments.

You can read their full editorial by clicking HERE.

Letters: Granite Staters being critical of their representatives in their newspapers
Letters to the editor of your local newspapers can be a very effective way of amplifying your thoughts about your elected officials' records. The following are just a few quotes from the many letters that have been published in papers around the state lately. If you are interested in submitting a letter to the editor, please contact and he will be happy to help you through the process.


"Jeanne Shaheen "knows this disaster of a law is hurting millions of families. It is time for her to do her job, join with a majority of her constituents and finally work to repeal it immediately." - Kimberly, Brentwood

"I, a taxpayer, have not received a single invitation to attend a town-hall meeting with Congresswoman Shea-Porter to discuss problems and concerns I have. Not one." - Randy, East Wakefield


"The truth is that Washington special interests and party leaders have changed Carol. She's become an extremist liberal elite who refuses to meet with her constituents at a New Hampshire town hall, but will go to Napa Valley California to wine and dine at fund-raisers with Nancy Pelosi and billionaires." - Lino, Sanbornton

"Sorry Congresswoman Kuster, but you can't fool us. We know you have voted lock step with President Obama and Nancy Pelosi, which is exactly why you refuse to hold a single Town Hall meeting with your constituents." - Bill, New Ipswich
Editorial Cartoon of the Week