Rubens For US Senate - Thank You!

 Our sixteen month campaign to replace Jeanne Shaheen and to restore American greatness has been a tremendous honor, an irreplaceable life experience that has caused me to love this wonderful state of New Hampshire and its people even more.

Whether you joined our campaign last May or over the past few weeks, thank you. Thank you for making calls, hosting house parties, marching in parades, standing at the polls, talking to your neighbors, and writing checks. We were outspent by almost ten times in this race, but because of your evangelism, 27,116 people went to the polls and voted for me. For that, I am forever humbled and appreciative.

The Republican Party is the essential party if America is to protect liberty and to restore fiscal sanity. But to consistently win elections and earn the votes to govern and to lead, we must expand and bring back the independent voters and disaffected Republicans we have lost over the years. Repackaged rhetoric will not work. We must offer substantial, credible solutions to the nation's several pressing challenges.

I am proud that my campaign has shown the way forward on several issues:

• We grabbed the third rail of American politics and laid out specific proposals to preserve Social Security and Medicare for the long term without tax increases. There will be no means to restore long term budget balance and to avoid hyperinflation or currency collapse without tackling the gargantuan fiscal imbalance in these programs.

• We offered a specific plan to replace Obamacare and one that addressed the need to reduce America's highest in the world healthcare costs and to increase quality and access.

• We offered a detailed six point plan to bring jobs back to American soil and to bring back middle class prosperity.

• I was the single Republican candidate to offer a solution to the corrupt special interest campaign money system that is the root cause of Washington dysfunction, career politics, endless budget deficits, and our anti-jobs tax code, riddled as it is with special interest loopholes that drive up rates and drive jobs offshore.

• We took an early position against NSA's unconstitutional dragnet spying on hundreds of millions of innocent Americans, pointing out that this spying did not stop even a single instance of domestic terrorism.

• I showed that it is possible for Republicans to be both Second Amendment champions and to offer a concrete plan to reduce gun violence.

• As to another war in the Middle East, I stood alone (at least to date) in pointing out that, until just a few months ago, the US was arming, training, and funding ISIS. We must replace our haphazard, knee-jerk approach to Middle East with a long term strategy to protect Americans from terrorism. To date, I am alone in demanding that our sometime ally Saudi Arabia and its princes cease funding terrorism around the world.

• I'm most proud of my sounding the alarm on the abuses occurring in the Veterans Administration. I was first to address this and first to call for a health care card to be granted to Veterans. We must never shirk on our responsibility to our veterans.

• I certainly hurt myself politically by openly acknowledging my view that humans are the cause of observed global warming. I did this because candidates and politicians should be honest and direct about their views.

• I took the risks of offering detailed and specific proposals on most major issues and thoughtful answers to all questions posed by the media and by voters. Political handlers always advise against this. New Hampshire voters, including those who differed with me on some issues, found this refreshing and voted for me anyway.

I could not be more proud of the campaign that we ran.

While our campaign may have come to an end, our work on these issues must not. I look forward to working with many of you to continue this work. To that end, please find my personal contact information below. I hope you will use it to keep in touch with me going forward.

>From the bottom of my heart, thank you!


Jim Rubens
(603) 359-3300

P.S. If you placed a sign at your home, business, or in your community, please reuse the wickets and wires for the candidate of your choice and recycle the bags. We also have some U-stakes and H-stakes still in inventory. If you could use them for your signs please send us an e-mail. We would love to see them used.