Dream Action Coalition - BREAKING: (VIDEO) Iowa Dreamers Confront Hilary Clinton on Immigration Delay - "Answer is not Electing more Democrats"


INDIANOLA, IA-  Dreamer Monica Reyes, from Waterloo who arrived to the U.S. at 3 years old, confronted Hilary Clinton at the Iowa Steak Fry on President Obama's decision to delay executive action on immigration: " I am Iowa dreamer and I was wondering what you think about Obama's delay on immigration relief from President Obama. " Hilary Clinton responded, "Yayyy. I think we have to keep working"
Just last week, the President announced that he would delay executive action on immigration even though he committed to acting before the end of the summer. The November elections and protecting vulnerable Democrats running in Alaska, Arkansas, Lousiana, and North Carolina prompted the President to prioritize keeping the Senate than keeping families together. Latino voters have been frustrated with Democrats. Hilary has indicated her support for immigration reform, but has also pointed out that the refugee children should be deported. 
Dreamer Cesar Vargas continued telling Mrs. Clinton, "the President has broken his promise to the Latino community." Immigrant rights advocates and Latinos have publicly shown their anger at the White House and Democrats. Hilary Clinton retorted, "we just have to elect more Democrats."
"The answer is not electing more Democrats, Ms. Clinton. It is about political courage to protect and keep families together," said Monica Reyes. Reality is that Dreamers and Latinos are not ready for Hilary unless she can show real leadership on executive action on immigration. Will she be a real champion for immigrants or another "deporter in chief".