ALG's Daily Grind - GOP blundering toward the finish line


Sept. 16, 2014

Permission to republish original opeds and cartoons granted.

GOP blundering toward the finish line
The Republican Party which should be on the precipice of enjoying a massive electoral victory based upon the unpopularity of President Obama, the economy and the number of red states Democrats are being forced to defend in the Senate. Why don't the polls show it?

Cartoon: "End of Civilization"

Could Scottish independence ultimately spell end for Tories?
Labour Party would lose 41 out of 59 Scottish seats in Parliament, but could still be the largest party come the 2015 general elections. How?

Daily Caller: White House coordinated with Department of Labor to hide illegal Obama fundraiser Hilda Solis' schedule
A Freedom of Information Act request by Americans for Limited Government triggered a cover-up by the White House.