NHDP Chair Ray Buckley & NJ Assemblywoman Bonnie Watson Coleman Hammer Havenstein & Brown for Following in Christie's Disastrous Economic Footsteps

As NJ Faces 8th Credit Downgrade, Christie Makes A 3rd Swing Through NH to Stump for Walt Havenstein and Scott Brown

Manchester, NH - New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Raymond Buckley and New Jersey Assemblywoman Bonnie Watson Coleman joined a press call earlier today to discuss Governor Chris Christie’s disastrous economic record as he makes another trip to New Hampshire stumping for GOP candidates Walt Havenstein and Scott Brown.

Christie's failed economic record rivals that of his hand-picked candidate, failed CEO Walt Havenstein. Under Governor Christie’s watch, New Jersey’s credit rating has been downgraded eight times, while during Havenstein’s tenure as CEO of defense contractor SAIC, the company lost millions of dollars in revenue and its stock value plummeted 32%. During Christie's tenure, New Jersey has also regained less than half the jobs it lost in the recession, while SAIC shed thousands of jobs during Havenstein’s disastrous time as CEO.

“Havenstein’s failed economic record alone makes it clear that he shouldn’t be allowed to run our state, even before he started taking pointers in budget mismanagement from Chris Christie,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley. “As Walt Havenstein and Scott Brown hold up Chris Christie's economic disaster as a model for what they’d do to New Hampshire, they’re making it even clearer that they would devastate our middle class families and drive our economy into the ground.”

Christie is also expected to endorse Scott Brown during his upcoming trip to New Hampshire, bringing with him a large out-of-state donor network to help fund Brown's campaign. Right now, Big Oil, Wall Street, and other out of state special interests plan to spend millions in New Hampshire to try and buy New Hampshire’s Senate seat for their reliable ally Scott Brown – just so he can get back to the U.S. Senate to once again vote to protect their interests over middle-class Granite Staters.

“So if we take away anything from Christie's upcoming trip to our state – it will be further proof that Scott Brown is for Scott Brown, his bank account, and the Big Oil, Wall Street special interests that fund his campaigns,” added Buckley.

“The campaigns of Walt Havenstein and Scott Brown must be in worse shape if they really want to parade around with Governor Christie just days after New Jersey’s credit rating was downgraded for the 7th and 8th time since Governor Christie took office,” said Assemblywoman Bonnie Watson Coleman. “Granite Staters can’t afford to let Walt Havenstein and Scott Brown do to New Hampshire what Chris Christie has done to New Jersey.”