NHDP Kicks Off “Massachusetts Week” to Highlight Scott Brown’s Big Oil, Wall Street, Anti-Middle Class Record

NHDP: “Wall Street’s Favorite” Only Cares About Himself, His Bank Account, and the Corporate Interests That Fund His Campaign

Manchester, NH—The New Hampshire Democratic Party is launching “Massachusetts Week,” a week long campaign using paid advertising, grassroots organizing and surrogates from Massachusetts to highlight Scott Brown’s record of protecting corporate interests like Big Oil and Wall Street as a Bay Stater.  Brown's record in Massachusetts is more proof that he is looking out for himself, his personal bank account, and the out-of-state corporate interests that fund his campaign -- not New Hampshire. 
“Scott Brown was wrong for Massachusetts and is not for New Hampshire. Brown has a long record of fighting for Big Oil and Wall Street at the expense of Bay Staters, and we are going to make sure Granite Staters know the truth,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain. “We plan to shine a bright light on his Massachusetts record, which includes protecting special breaks for oil companies and companies that ship jobs overseas; securing sweetheart deals for the big Wall Street banks; and voting to let employers deny women access to basic health services like mammograms.”
This morning, the NHDP launched two new online ads highlighting the four years anniversary of Scott Brown voting to protect tax breaks for oil companies rather than help small businesses as a Massachusetts U.S. Senator.  Brown sided with the big oil companies making record profits instead of small businesses, and then continuing to collect hundreds of thousands in campaign contributions from oil companies.
Later this week, the NHDP will be hosting phone banks and press events with Massachusetts surrogates.  They will share their first hand experience with Scott Brown and his record of protecting corporate interests like Big Oil and Wall Street instead of working families and small businesses as their U.S. Senator.  
Separately, a grassroots team of seniors in Massachusetts, who campaigned against Scott Brown in Massachusetts, are launching Grannies Against Brown.  They will be sending individually signed postcards to seniors in New Hampshire talking to them about why Scott Brown is wrong for seniors, Social Security, and Medicare.  

"The people who knew Scott Brown best voted him out of office.  This week, they are going to be sharing their own personal Scott Brown experiences with Granite Staters, highlighting just how wrong he is for New Hampshire," added McClain.