NHDP - THIS WEEK IN HISTORY: Brown Voted To Protect Tax Breaks for Big Oil Companies…Again

NHDP Launches Facebook Ads on Scott Brown's Big Oil Vote Anniversary

Manchester, NH— This week marks four years since Scott Brown voted to protect tax breaks for oil companies rather than help small businesses—and he’s still choosing Big Oil and Wall Street special interests over what’s best for New Hampshire families. Brown sided with the big oil companies making record profits instead of small businesses, and then continued to collect hundreds of thousands in campaign contributions from big oil companies. The New Hampshire Democratic Party is launching a new Facebook ad to spread the word that Scott Brown's Big Oil votes are wrong for New Hampshire.
“Bay Staters voted Scott Brown out of office because of votes just like the one he took four years ago to protect tax breaks for Big Oil instead of doing what was best for families in Massachusetts—and he would do the same thing if he got his way in New Hampshire,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain. “Brown has been collecting big money from oil companies and cashing in from companies that engage in outsourcing— so he obviously does not ‘care about New Hampshire.' Scott Brown cares about Scott Brown, his personal bank account, and the out-of-state special interests—like Big Oil—who fund his campaigns while he votes to protect their special breaks.”
Scott Brown repeatedly voted to protect special tax breaks for oil and gas companies, even when it meant the middle class would have to pay more. He even voted to protect tax breaks for oil companies when he owned up to $50,000 in Exxon Mobil stock. In return, the oil and gas industry donated nearly half a million dollars to Brown’s campaign for Senate in Massachusetts.
“His record clearly shows who Brown was working for in Massachusetts—and it wasn’t Bay State families,” added McClain. “They didn’t trust him in Massachusetts, and we can’t trust him in New Hampshire.”
Copy of the ad can be found here.