But Even Socialist Sanders Has More Independent Voting Record than Rubber Stamp Shaheen


Concord - New Hampshire Republican Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn released the following statement today on Senator Jeanne Shaheen standing with avowed socialist Senator Bernie Sanders at a breakfast hosted by union bosses and special interest groups:


"It's not surprising that Jeanne Shaheen would stand with an avowed socialist like Bernie Sanders given her strong support for liberal economic policies that have hurt our economy and killed jobs. Shaheen has blindly followed orders from President Obama, and even a socialist like Sanders has a more independent voting record than she does, according to a nonpartisan analysis. 


"As governor, Jeanne Shaheen tried to crush New Hampshire small businesses with a sales tax and approved a contract that outsourced part of the state's food stamp program to India. As a senator, Shaheen cast the deciding vote for ObamaCare, supported a disastrous new national energy tax and hypocritically attacked outsourcing despite her own record of outsourcing jobs. Granite Staters know that Shaheen's policies have hurt our economy, and they are ready to replace her with a responsible Republican in November."




Bernie Sanders is an avowed socialist (Could A Socialist Senator Become A National Brand? NPR, 7/10/14)


According to a CQ Roll Call analysis of Senate voting records, Jeanne Shaheen votes with President Obama 99% of the time.  


According to a CQ Roll Call analysis of Senate voting records, Bernie Sanders votes with President Obama 94% of the time.


While Shaheen Was Governor, A Portion Of New Hampshire's Food Stamp Program Was Outsourced To India


In The "Late 1990's" New Hampshire And Six Other States Entered Into A Contract With Citibank To Administer Their Food Stamp Programs.  "In the late 1990's seven Northeastern states brokered a deal designed to modernize their outdated and expensive food stamp systems. But the agreement ended up with some of the work being shipped to India. ... The six New England states and New York signed a contract with Citibank that let the company administer a new food stamp program in which beneficiaries buy food with a debit card." (Tim McCahill, "States Respond To Outsourced Jobs," The Associated Press, 3/24/04)