Political Headlines - September 19, 2014

The Boston Globe





Here are the top political headlines from today:

  • Coakley holds slim edge over Baker: The Globe poll suggests a race that could tilt in either direction based on the campaigns’ maneuvers in the coming weeks.  Jim O’Sullivan reports.
  • Irish pols for the 21st century: Marty Walsh returns this day to Ireland, the land of his parents’ birth, and it has been and will be described here as an Irish pol coming home. Kevin Cullen details the story.
  • Send money now! Please. We’re begging.: It’s hard to determine whether President Obama was apologizing for bothering you or complaining that you hadn’t yet responded to his plea for money. Noah Bierman reports.
  • Jeanne Shaheen’s attack ad, deconstructed: There are two ways to make an attack ad: dead-serious, or skewed. US Senator Jeanne Shaheen’s latest ad against Scott Brown aims for humor, of the nonsubtle variety. Joanna Weiss details the latest.