NHDP - Job-Killing CEO Carly Fiorina Stumps for Walt Havenstein and Scott Brown

Outsourcer and Failed Hewlett-Packard CEO Responsible for Laying Off Hundreds of Granite State Workers, Carly Fiorina, Stumps for Fellow Failed CEO, Walt Havenstein, and Scott Brown, Who Profited Off Outsourcing Company
Manchester, NH – Just two days after campaigning with economic disaster Governor Chris Christie, failed CEO Walt Havenstein, whose record at SAIC included shedding thousands of jobs, and Scott Brown, who made over a quarter million dollars off a company that outsourced jobs, Republicans are welcoming the support of job-killing CEO Carly Fiorina.
“Walt Havenstein and Scott Brown don't do themselves any favors when they welcome job-killing CEO Carly Fiorina, who Granite Staters remember for handing pink slips to hundreds of New Hampshire workers, sending thousands of American jobs overseas and overseeing the company's stock value take a nose-dive, while at the same time tripling her own salary,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Deputy Communications Director Bryan Lesswing. “The similarities between Fiorina and the NHGOP's candidates are clear. Just like Fiorina's disastrous economic record, Havenstein's mismanagement at SAIC ran the company into a ditch as SAIC shed 5,000 jobs and the company's stock value plummeted 32 percent, all while he made $20 million for himself. And while Fiorina oversaw the outsourcing of American jobs to low-wage countries to increase her company's bottom line, Brown endorsed an outsourcing business strategy to increase the bottom line of a company that was paying him more than a quarter million dollars.”
Havenstein's disastrous economic record as CEO of SAIC mirrors that of Fiorina. Under Fiorina's watch as CEO at Hewlett-Packard, the company sent thousands of jobs overseas, including laying off hundreds of Granite State workers and it's stock value took a nose-dive, while at the same time Fiorina tripled her salary. As CEO, Havenstein implemented a failed strategy, SAIC lost millions of dollars in revenue, shed 5,000 jobs, and the company's stock plummeted 32 percent, all while he made $20 million for himself.
Scott Brown seems to have taken cues from Fiorina's outsourcing business strategy. He cashed in to the tune of $270,000 by serving on the Board of Directors of a Massachusetts-based company that had shipped jobs U.S. overseas. Then, he signed official legal documents endorsing a strategy that included using low-wage countries like China and Mexico to pad the company's bottom line.
“As Havenstein and Brown elevate figures like job-killing CEO Carly Fiorina with disastrous economic records, they only makes it more clear to Granite Staters that they put their interests first, and they can't be trusted to look out for the priorities of middle-class families,” continued Lesswing.
Fiorina Laid Off 180 NH Workers In 2004.
“HP’s last wave of layoffs at the site came in 2004, when 180 employees got pink slips.” [Nashua Telegraph, 12/12/2007]
Fiorina Laid Off 50 NH Workers In 2003.
Just as business in the high-tech industry appears to be picking up, Hewlett-Packard Co. said it will cashier 50 workers in Massachusetts and 50 in New Hampshire by the end of this month. And there could be additional layoffs in both states over the next year, the company said. [Boston Globe, 10/12/2003]
Fiorina Tripled Her Own Salary & Shipped Jobs Overseas While Firing American Workers. 
“And Fiorina has not been shy about acknowledging that many jobs were outsourced overseas. In January 2004, Fiorina provocatively told Congress, ‘There is no job that is America’s God-given right anymore.'” [Politifact, 9/15/2010]
Carly Fiorina Was HP CEO And Chairwoman From 1999 to 2005.
[Market Watch, 2/9/2005]