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Rights Equal Rights
MormonTips.com Web Site Launched

LOS ANGELES, CA -- Frontiers Magazine today released a brand new batch of secret documents from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon Church) detailing just how the Mormon Church planned to pass gay marriage bans across the United States.

The newly uncovered documents are from the late 1990's and show exactly how top Mormon Church leaders wrote and then implemented their strategy to qualify and pass California's Proposition 22 in 2000. Prop 22 banned gay marriage in the nation's largest state and was one of the first bans to face voters. Karen Ocamb, News Editor at Frontiers, who broke the story today, reports that the California initiative served as the church's template to pass identical bans in 30 more states.

"When I read these documents I couldn't believe my eyes," said Fred Karger who turned over the up 'til now secret documents. "It's amazing that the Mormon Church using all its tax deductible dollars operates like a major political machine."
Should the Mormon Church be Taxed?

This latest revelation has prompted our organization Rights Equal Rights to consider filing a formal complaint with the Internal Revenue Service regarding the Mormon Church's tax status. Karger first announced this possibility on the television show Gay USA in August.

"Since we uncovered the Mormon Church's vast role in qualifying and passing California's Proposition 8 six years ago, many people have asked us to look into the Mormon Church and all its political activities and business holdings.  Since the Mormon Church has an estimated $1 trillion in business investments around the world, and is so heavily involved in politics, we are beginning that process.
Help Us Determine if We Should File a Complaint With the IRS

The IRS has very strict rules on exactly how much time and money a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization like the Mormon Church may spend on political activity," said Karger. "So today we've set up a web site, established a tip line and a special email address to get help from anyone who might be able to shed light on just how the Mormon Church operates in politics and business."

Check out our web site:  www.MormonTips.com
Email us with any tips: Tips@MormonTips.com
Give us a call on our tip line:  385-236-3131

If these tips combined with our own extensive research reveal that the Mormon Church may have crossed the IRS threshold for a tax exempt organization, we will likely file a form #13909 with the IRS and ask them to investigate.

The Mormon Church continues its nearly 20 battle against loving same-sex couples in this country who just want to get married. Earlier this month the Mormon Church filed an amicus brief asking the United States Supreme Court to overturn Utah's recently enacted gay marriage law.
Mormon Leaders to Their Gay Members - "It's a Sin"

The Utah based Mormon Church does not allow any LGBT members unless they are celibate for life. It also continues to punish, bully and ostracize anyone in the church who is lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.

According to a study by San Francisco State University, the state of Utah has 8 times the attempted teen suicide rate of any other state, yes 8 times as many young people try to kill themselves in Utah because they are taught by the Mormon Church that they are evil.

"So until the Mormon Church embraces its LGBT members and stops funding and working to pass laws to take our rights away, we will continue to lift the veil on all they do," concluded Karger.

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