Garcia For Congress (CD2) - Marilinda Garcia Releases Latest Ad “Out of Touch”



Concord, NH– Kenny Cunningham, communications director for Marilinda Garcia for Congress, released the following statement regarding the release of the campaign’s latest ad entitled “out of touch.”


“As a well-paid lobbyist and now a member of Congress, it is remarkable that Ann Kuster repeatedly failed to pay the property taxes on her vacation home on time. When confronted by local news media, Kuster’s excuse was ‘life is expensive.’ Congresswoman Kuster would know better about the difficulties facing New Hampshire’s middle class if Ann would hold at least one town hall in the district,” said Cunningham.

Cunningham went on to say “Unlike Ann Kuster, Marilinda Garcia is a responsible leader who is committed to meeting with the people of New Hampshire and discussing the issues that are important to them. She is dedicated to repairing the bond of trust between people and government by actually reducing the size and scope of Washington, D.C. Our campaign is building momentum every day because of Marilinda’s commitment to being a reliable and sincere voice for New Hampshire.”