Watchdog - Radical extremists steal the show People’s Climate March in NYC


Indigenous, communists, freaks steal show at People’s Climate March in NYC


Billed as the largest climate march in history, more than 1,500 environmentalists groups gathered at the People’s Climate March in a wild afternoon of anti-capitalist theater.

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 Alabama state attorney: Photographing public records for free is ‘stealing’


In what would appear to be a case of government run amuck, at least two state agencies in Alabama won’t let people take pictures of public records as an alternative to paying for copies. One attorney even equating the idea with stealing.

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U.S. taxpayers foot bill for Ohio buggy trail, steamboat

These sound like relatively small projects, but they're costing taxpayers millions. This summer, for instance, the Ohio Department of Transportation awarded $9,746,703 in funding to 12 "transportation alternatives" projects.

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