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NH Union Leader: Brown: America's Interests Come Before Party Or President
Scott Brown, New Hampshire Union Leader
September 26, 2014

Whatever else happens in Washington, when it comes to national security the stakes are so high, and there is so little room for error. We’re at a dangerous moment for our country and our friends. It’s starting to feel like the world is on fire, with so many crises getting worse, so many adversaries gaining ground.


It’s as if the Obama administration is maxed out, worn down, devoid of ideas, and now all the bills are coming due. This is what foreign policy looks like without clarity and conviction. This is what the world looks like without American leadership.

Sen. Jeanne Shaheen is a member of the Foreign Relations Committee. She has been in that privileged position for nearly six years. And she has a record that is readily summed up in a single number: 99 percent. That is how often Sen. Shaheen votes in support of any policy of the Obama administration, whatever it is.


So far as I can tell, she never even mentioned ISIS in public until last month. This is a member of the Foreign Relations Committee we’re talking about, and it’s been nothing but silence on the most urgent national-security threats that we are facing. In fact, when the Committee was hearing testimony on the emerging threat of ISIS a year and a half ago, guess what? She missed the meeting.


It’s bad enough when any senator from New Hampshire has the reputation of a partisan follower. But when our senator, a member of the Foreign Relations Committee, just goes along like another naïve follower of Barack Obama, missing obvious realities and opportunities to lead in the current security environment, that’s when you’ve really got to worry.

I view the job of a senator very differently, and party politics has got nothing to do with it. When any President is clear and resolute in defense of America’s interests, it won’t matter to me if we’re of the same party or not; I’ll be there, with my support and my vote. One hundred percent of the time, I’m going to do my own thinking, and speak for the independent spirit of our state.

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