CEI Today: UN global warming, airline fees, and a gov't password program

Friday, Sept. 26, 2014
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Are Consumers Smart Enough to Understand Airline Ancillary Fees?


In May, I criticized the Department of Transportation’s opening of a rulemaking on airline ancillary fees (baggage, seat assignments, etc.), noting that the primary motivation appeared to be continued expansion of the department’s unfair and deceptive practices authority. In addition, the department’s apparent opinion that consumers are unable to understand ancillary fees, and compare fares and fees across airlines, is completely unsupported.

Yesterday, I filed comments on behalf of CEI fleshing out some of these objections. > Read more

> Interview Marc Scribner




Washington Examiner: Feds funding efforts to create single Internet password


The Commerce Department has been handing out grants to fund a way for Americans to use a single password anytime they shop, bank, pay bills or engage in any other online activity that requires logging in and verifying identity. 


Ryan Radia, associate director of technology studies at the free-market think tank Competitive Enterprise Institute, said the project's stated goal of a more secure Internet was laudable, but still better served by the private sector alone. The odds that any identity system starting out as voluntary eventually becomes mandatory is much greater if the government is involved, he said. He also dismissed NIST's claim that the technology could not be created without the grants. > Read more

> Interview Ryan Radia


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Christopher C Horner

Administrator says EPA not in business of picking winners and losers. Then see e.g. this email admission vs. interest pic.twitter.com/VyqaZwa0hz


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