Mooney For NH Senate (D11) - Maureen Mooney Announces 1st Act as a State Senator

MERRIMACK, NH - On Labor Day, Maureen Mooney, candidate for State Senate in District 11, announced her first act if elected in the Republican primary on September 9 and subsequent November 4 general election. Upon election, Mooney has committed to creating an interactive webpage solely dedicated to promoting employment opportunities, business networking and local charities within District 11.  
"As I travel the four towns that comprise District 11, the issue of jobs and the economy continuously come up and hit very close to home," said Maureen Mooney. "On the campaign trail, people tell me they are looking for new employment opportunities while businesses explain their need for additional skilled labor. I want to do what's possible to immediately start bringing these groups together.  My first act upon election will be to create an interactive webpage of job postings and job fairs to help raise awareness of opportunities throughout the towns of Amherst, Merrimack, Milford and Wilton. By working together, we can immediately start helping our friends, family members and neighbors find work."
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