NH Division of Homeland Security - Preparedness Is Key to Saving Lives

New Hampshire Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management


CONCORD--Throughout National Preparedness Month, the New Hampshire Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management urges families, communities, schools and workplaces to prepare by being informed about disasters likely to occur in New Hampshire, making an emergency plan, building an emergency kit and getting involved with community preparedness.


“The importance of preparedness cannot be overstated,” Perry Plummer, director of New Hampshire Department of Safety’s Homeland Security and Emergency Management, said. “I think it’s the goal of all first responders to encourage and facilitate preparedness such that each person and organization has the means to support themselves, their families and their communities, if necessary, during that critical first 72 hours after a disaster when responders are stretched to their limits. Being prepared helps save the lives of those most important to each of us, our families and friends in our communities.”


The culminating event for the month, the National PrepareAthon, is a community-based campaign encouraging groups to plan and execute a simple, specific activity that increases preparedness. Local PrepareAthon activities should be held on or around September 30th.  Ready.gov has a variety of planning materials that participants can use to plan their PrepareAthon activity. In addition, HSEM will provide tips and tools to accomplish the important but simple steps to preparedness. That information will be available in the next weeks via printed materials, PSAs and online.


To participate in this national event, groups should register with FEMA at http://www.community.fema.gov/connect.ti/AmericasPrepareathon/register. Registration shows support for the program and the value registrants place on preparedness. Currently, there are about 13 million registrants.