Rubens For US Senate - Rubens New Radio Spots and Newspaper Endorsement

On Monday, the Concord Monitor endorsed Jim Rubens to be the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in November saying, "Jim Rubens is the candidate who offers New Hampshire Republicans the clearest view of where he stands and where the party should be going."


The Monitor notes Rubens, "has the courage to say what many in his party don’t want to hear."


The Monitor also complimented Rubens' stance on campaign finance reform and willingness to lead the Republican Party on issues that can appeal to a broader base, "New Hampshire residents would get a candidate willing to buck the political trend on some key issues."


Today, the Rubens campaign released two new radio ads highlighting his desire to end career politics and recognizing voters' demands that Republicans have a plan to grow jobs, cut spending, get government out of our personal lives and not get dragged into another ground war.  In another spot, Jim repeats his pledge to serve only two terms, not serve as a lobbyist after his term in office and to return his Senate pension to taxpayers.


The radio ads are airing statewide and can be heard here:


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