ALG's Daily Grind - EPA: Hurting poor families worst


Sept. 30, 2014

Permission to republish original opeds and cartoons granted.

EPA: Hurting poor families worst
A $40 per month increase will force a choice between purchasing enough food to feed a cold family or warming the bedrooms they return to — malnourished, or suffering otherwise from a lack of household resources to fund Obama's jihad on affordable energy.

Cartoon: The limits of air power
How will ISIS responds to U.S. air strikes?

The Internet already has a Magna Carta, it's called the First Amendment
If Internet innovator Tim Berners-Lee supports net neutrality because he fears corporate Internet control, what greater danger of global censorship than concentrating the assignment of domain names and IP address into a single, unaccountable, private foundation in ICANN?

Horowitz: Obama already shut down the government
"[A]fter granting Obama everything he wanted on the budget, Export-Import Bank, and arming the sinister Syrian rebels, it's mission accomplished.  There was no government shutdown… [except] Obama has already shut down the government.  He has completely vitiated the basic system of governance established by our founding documents."