NHDP - Energy and Environmental Leaders: Scott Brown Can’t Paper Over His Big Oil Record

Manchester, NH—Following Scott Brown’s completely misleading speech at the New Hampshire Energy Summit today, energy and environmental leaders spoke out and joined NHDP Chair Ray Buckley on a call to discuss Brown’s real record of voting to protect Wall Street and doing what was best for his political future over what is best for New Hampshire’s families and energy future.
“Brown has abandoned any semblance of moderation and sided with obstructionist and Tea Party climate-deniers,” said Jameson French, registered Republican and President and CEO of Northland Forest Products. “In May, we saw Brown ignore New Hampshire interests and lobby his Republican colleagues to kill truly bipartisan energy efficiency legislation because he did not want to see Shaheen pass job-creating legislation in an election year. Brown has put himself before Granite State families, and that’s why he is the wrong choice this November.”
“In the Senate, just days after one of Scott Brown’s votes to protect billions in tax breaks for Big Oil, Brown received thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from oil companies,” said Joseph Keefe, President and Chief Executive Officer of sustainable investment company Pax World Management. “Brown is protecting those who line his campaign coffers—and New Hampshire will pay the price. He’s even changed his stance on climate change being man-made because he is in the pocket of Big Oil and the Koch brothers. He’s wrong for businesses and he’s wrong for families in New Hampshire.”
“At today’s energy event, Brown tried to paper over his past and explain away the fact that he has consistently done whatever the Big Oil companies wanted him to do. Why? Because they were donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to his campaign,” added Ray Buckley, Chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party. “He’s voted twice to protect more than $20 billion in special tax breaks for the nation's five biggest oil companies, denied climate change is man-made, and lobbied to kill bipartisan energy efficiency legislation. If he is elected in New Hampshire, we know what would happen: he would continue his unabashed devotion to Big Oil.”
In May, Brown was caught lobbying against bipartisan energy efficiency legislation even though it could have created nearly 200,000 jobs and saved consumers billions of dollars.  Scott Brown selfishly opposed the legislation backed by Senator Shaheen and Senator Rob Portman, an Ohio Republican, because he did not want her to pass strong job creating legislation during an election year.  
And last month, Brown joined the ranks of Tea Party climate deniers, telling a debate moderator that he didn't believe in man made climate change.  Once again, Scott Brown has sided with the Big Oil special interests, like the Koch Brothers, trying to buy him New Hampshire's Senate seat instead of the people of the Granite State.