CEI Today: Ex-Im Bank, EPA ozone standard + renewable fuel quotas, and more

Thursday, September 4, 2014
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Ex-Im Update

Congress comes back from its annual August recess next week. One of the top items on its agenda is deciding the Export-Import Bank’s fate. Ex-Im subsidizes financing for U.S. exporters and their foreign customers. As I outlined here, Ex-Im subsidizes certain businesses at others’ expense. It is a pro-business policy, when what the economy needs are pro-market policies. Ex-Im will also be forced to shut its doors unless Congress reauthorizes its charter by the end of September, making for a golden reform opportunity for corporate welfare opponents.  > Read more


> Interview Ryan Young



Globalwarming.org: EPA’s Staff Recommends Lower Ozone Standard, But it Doesn’t Matter, Because EPA Has No Say

Last Friday, EPA’s staff issued its final recommendation for a revised national ambient air quality standard for ozone. The document is supposed to represent “the latest scientific knowledge useful in indicating the kind and extent of all identifiable effects on public health or welfare which may be expected from [ozone],”* and thereby inform Administrator Gina McCarthy’s determination of where to set the standard.

On Friday, the EPA staff recommended that standard be revised to somewhere between 60 and 70 parts per billion. But here’s the thing: The staff’s advice doesn’t matter. Thanks to a recent ruling in the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, the EPA—indeed, the federal government!—has no say in the setting of an ozone NAAQS.

Instead, that prerogative has been bestowed on an obscure group of technocrats known as the Clean Air Scientific Advisory Council.

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> Interview William Yeatman



Globalwarming.org: Scaling Back RenewableFuel Standard

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy has indicated that new federal renewable fuel production quotas, originally due in June, will be released soon. CEI's Marlo Lewis has explained why EPA may be less enamoured by ethanol mandates these days. "EPA estimates that ... corn ethanol’s carbon dioxide-equivalent (CO2e) emissions were 33% higher than gasoline’s in 2012."
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> Interview Marlo Lewis

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Tune in Saturday, September 6th or Monday, September 8th to RealClear Radio Hour with Bill Frezza and guests, Fariborz Ghadar & Emily Ekins.  


Becoming American—The Immigrant Story

Penn State Professor Fariborz Ghadar, author of Becoming American, dispels several modern myths about immigration and warns that without reform, U.S. immigration policy will drive the next generation of tech industries across the border.

Millennials—The Politically Unclaimed Generation

Emily Ekins, polling director from the Reason Foundation, discusses the recent Reason-Rupe survey of millennials, ages 18-29. The poll’s findings demonstrate a politically unaffiliated—socially liberal, fiscally conservative—generation, in favor of business, distrustful of parties, and confused by outdated political terminology defined by various -isms. 



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