Garcia For Congress (CD2) - Garcia Campaign Calls for Media to Remove Gary Lambert’s Dishonest Ads



Concord, NH - The Marilinda Garcia for Congress campaign sent a letter to New Hampshire media today calling for the most recent Lambert for Congress television ad to be pulled off the air.  The ad intentionally misrepresents Marilinda’s record by misusing information that clearly demonstrates Marilinda opposes ObamaCare and would work to dismantle the law if elected to Congress.

Eric Wang, legal counsel to Garcia for Congress, sent the letter today to request New Hampshire television stations cease and desist from further airing this ad. The full letter from the Garcia campaign can be found by clicking here.

“Gary Lambert has resorted to self-funding a smear campaign against Marilinda Garcia and it needs to stop now,” said campaign manager Tom Szold. 

“Like Obama, Gary has received a 'pants on fire' rating from the fact checkers for his dishonest attack ads because he will say anything to win. Marilinda has always opposed Obamacare, and will work to repeal it in Washington. Unlike Marilinda, Gary Lambert actually has a number of votes that he must explain to New Hampshire voters, including all three votes he made in support of Obama's cap and trade scheme, his vote against allowing consumers to buy affordable health insurance across state lines, and his vote to support federal education regulations like Common Core,” continued Szold.


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