Garcia For Congress (CD2) - Gary Lamberts Debate Statements Regarding Common Core, Health Insurance, and More Flip Flops

On background: to clarify just a few of Gary Lambert's false claims from this evening's debate.

Lambert, in fact, voted against local control of education: On June 1, 2011, Gary Lambert voted to table HB 164, which was a bill that would have required legislative approval of common core standards. This bill would have made it harder to bring common core to NH, and allowed the legislature to prevent it if it so chose.

Additionally, in a 2010 survey, when asked "Do you support national education standards?" Gary Lambert said "yes."
Gary Lambert voted that SB 150 was inexpedient to legislature (a vote against allowing insurance to be purchased across state lines). He claims it didn't happen.
He flipped on that one. Here are some more flip flops.