Lambert For Congress (CD2) - Lambert Releases New TV Ad: “Differences”

Nashua – Today, United States Marine Corps Colonel (Ret.) and 2nd District Congressional candidate Gary Lambert released a new campaign ad entitled “Differences”. The ad will begin airing Thursday. Lambert also released the following statement:


“My experience as a small business owner makes it clear to me that Obamacare must be repealed. It is increasing costs on working families, preventing businesses from creating jobs, and putting government between doctors and patients. My opponent, Representative Garcia told an editorial board recently that she opposes repeal because it’s not a ‘viable option.’ I disagree – I think repealing Obamacare is imperative to job growth.


If you send me to Congress, I will not stop fighting until Obamacare is repealed. I’ve fought all my life – to put myself through college and law school, to start a business, for our country in Iraq – and I’ve haven’t given up on anything yet. I’ll bring the same fight to repealing Obamacare in Congress.”





Excerpt from Garcia interview with Keene Sentinel published on August 20th, 2014: 

“She said she would advocate dismantling most aspects of the Affordable Care Act, but that repealing the law would no longer be a viable option. She said she sees the country’s health care debate as a struggle between trust in the free market and government intervention.


-         Keene Sentinel, “Republican Marilinda Garcia stops in Keene during campaign for congressional seat”, August 20th 2014 

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