NRSC - The Obama-Biden-Shaheen foreign policy: Mixed messages and significant backtracking

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Following President Obama’s “mixed message” and significant backtracking on ISIS today, Vice President Biden is in New Hampshire, side-by-side with Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH).

The visit takes place at a time when voters in New Hampshire are seeing problems and turmoil around every corner. They feel like everything is going poorly: the economy (and their own economic security), ObamaCare, spending and the crippling debt, immigration, management of government and foreign policy. It’s shaping up to be the "chaos election." Which of course brings us back to foreign policy. Perhaps, in the midst of President Obama’s complete incompetence, Senator Shaheen and Vice President Biden can shed some light and clarify the Obama Administration’s agenda on foreign policy. The Obama-Biden-Shaheen plan has been an inept disaster to say the least:

  • ·        Today, ABC’s Jonathan Karl summed up the Administration’s thinking to a tee: “Obama suggests ISIS must be destroyed (or maybe not)”
    • ·       
    • ·        Last week, Time Magazine (and thousands of others)
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If you are covering President Biden’s trip to New Hampshire, please consider the following from NRSC:


“Jeanne Shaheen has supported the Administration an astounding 99% of the time, but can she explain what the Obama Administration’s foreign policy is? The fact is that, the ‘We don’t have a strategy yet,’ doctrine might be the cleanest, simplest, and most accurate description of both the Obama Administration and Jeanne Shaheen’s time in office.” – Brook Hougesen, NRSC Press Secretary