Smith For US Senate - Volunteers Needed!


Volunteers Needed!

The Bob Smith for Senate campaign is seeking volunteers for THREE projects.  We ask you to PLEASE give as much time to help as you can.

Project 1.  We are canvassing (LIT DROPS) in Manchester afternoons and early evenings through Monday evening, September 8. Generally, we try to send out a team of four - one driver, one person to keep track of the houses on our list to leave literature and two people to leave literature at those houses, one on each side of the street.  The lit drops can be done AT A TIME CONVENIENT FOR YOU!  They begin at 9am with everyone meeting at the Smith Headquarters at 273 S. River Road, Bedford.


We also plan to continue the Lit Drops this coming weekend and ask if you can’t make the weekday canvassing, please consider helping on Saturday, Sept 6 and/or Sunday, Sept 7.  Again, meet at the HQ at 9am each day.


Project 2.  There will be a sign wave outside WMUR’s studio, the corner of Granite and South Commercial Streets, Thursday evening from 5 to 6:45PM just prior to the Senate Primary Debate.  We’ll adjourn to a predesignated location for a Debate Watching Party. We will notify you later with that location.


Project 3. Finally, Tuesday, September 9, Primary Election Day, we’d like to have supporters at the polls holding Smith signs. The polls are open, depending on location, anywhere from 6 AM to 8 PM. We’d also like those who can either remain after the polls close or return after they’ve closed to either call us at (603) 606-1581 or (603) 903-3878, to which you could also text, with the final results for our race.


We are grateful for your assistance, no matter how much time you can give us.