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Concord Monitor: Candidate Profile: Scott Brown Tells N.H. Voters He's An Independent Voice

Kathleen Ronayne, Concord Monitor
September 4, 2014

Ever since Scott Brown made Rye his home in December, he has been traveling across the state – green pickup truck and all – on a mission to convince New Hampshire voters that he should represent them in the U.S. Senate.

He’s also been putting in the work to win over Republican primary voters and independents, sharing the story of his tough childhood and family ties to New Hampshire and pointing to his previous record in the U.S. Senate as evidence that he’ll be an independent voice for New Hampshire.


As a candidate, Brown brings a type of everyman appeal.

He has continued that approach in New Hampshire, spending Saturdays knocking on doors, running in local races and marching in parades.

While knocking on doors in Manchester one Saturday in July, Brown chatted with a family about their summer vacation and joked with another about the annoyance of cleaning out gutters. One voter, Oral Foster, jumped out of her car when Brown was walking toward her house.

“I’ve been dying to meet you,” she told him.


In his first campaign speech in New Hampshire, Brown talked about his roots here. He was born at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard and his grandparents lived here. Brown also shares personal details about how his parents were each married four times and how he often lived in unstable homes. In one of his television ads, Brown’s sister talks about how he protected her as a child.

“I don’t trust politicians, and I had tears in my eyes after his speech,” Rita Nydam of Hampton Falls said after hearing Brown speak alongside Mitt Romney in July.


In recent weeks, Brown has focused his campaign on immigration and foreign policy in an effort to capitalize on Obama’s perceived weaknesses in both areas.

On immigration, he has hit Shaheen for voting against two border security bills and for supporting the DREAM Act, which would have allowed children brought here illegally by their parents to earn citizenship.

On foreign policy, he recently called for Congress to pass a law revoking citizenship of any American fighting alongside terrorists in Iraq and Syria, and he wants to see targeted strikes against terrorist’s supply lines.


For Brown, not fitting perfectly into the party mold is the part of the appeal he has tried to create.

“Across this state – wherever you go – you’ll find men and women with a pretty strong independent streak,” he told a crowd while announcing his candidacy back in April. “In government, we expect more of ourselves than to just follow a party boss or a party line. And if there’s one place where we need to see that independent spirit in action, it is the United States Senate.”


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