Garcia For Congress (CD2) - Campaign Calls for Gary Lambert to Come Clean on Cap and Trade



Concord, NH – The Marilinda Garcia for Congress campaign released the following statement regarding Gary Lambert’s need to come clean on his support for Obama’s cap-and-trade plan and the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI).  New details of Gary Lambert’s promotion of cap-and-trade show that Lambert is well outside the Republican mainstream on this defining issue and that he aligns himself with leading liberals on an issue that is core to President Obama’s agenda. 

“During last night’s debate, Gary Lambert ignored his own record and said he opposes RGGI, a regional cap-and-trade program that increases energy taxes,” said Szold.  “The truth is clear: while in the state senate Gary Lambert voted three times to keep New Hampshire in the RGGI program, which then Senator Lambert stated, ‘You can call it a tax, we call it…alright, call it a tax, call it whatever you want to call it.’ 1  

But Gary Lambert’s support for cap-and-trade goes far beyond providing the tie-breaking vote for RGGI in the State Senate.

Gary Lambert advocated for a national cap-and-trade program as a member of Operation Free, a group dedicated to using carbon taxes as a means to implement the Obama energy agenda.  Operation Free is a liberal group that operates under the larger umbrella of the Truman National Security Project and the Center for National Policy, whose boards of directors and advisors has included such notable liberal Democratic figures as Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, former Obama appointee Janet Napolitano, the Center for American Progress’ John Podesta and former Obama Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta.2 Gary Lambert seems to be the only listed Republican who is a member of Operation Free. Operation Free successfully lobbied Gary Lambert to vote for keeping New Hampshire in RGGI in 2011.3

“Operation Free is an organization committed to passing Obama’s cap-and-trade energy mandates and its leadership is a who’s-who of the liberal establishment. New Hampshire voters will want to know that Gary Lambert actively participated in Operation Free to promote cap-and-trade legislation not only in New Hampshire, but across the country – including California,” continued Szold.

Gary Lambert actively worked with Operation Free to pass cap-and-trade legislation across the country.  In a February 26, 2013 op-ed to the Sacramento Bee, Gary Lambert wrote, “As a Republican state senator in New Hampshire – and as a business owner – I support RGGI…” and “RGGI has been good for the state of New Hampshire.”4  Nearly every Republican in the California Legislature opposed the cap-and-trade scheme that Lambert promoted.   

“Unlike Gary Lambert, Marilinda Garcia has a consistent record opposing the Obama energy agenda and opposing RGGI.  New Hampshire cannot afford Gary Lambert’s energy taxes,” said Szold. “Gary Lambert isn’t just a reluctant vote for cap-and-trade.  He is it’s number one champion in the Republican Party.  He voted for it.  He opined for it and lobbied for it in California.  He even joined a fringe group of liberals to promote it nationally.  Gary Lambert is a solid ally of the liberals on this issue,” said Szold.

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