Guinta For Congress (CD1) - Monier Endorses Guinta for Congress

Claira Monier Endorses Frank Guinta in his Race for Congress

This afternoon, Claira Monier of Goffstown, former aide to Governor Mel Thomson, professor, dedicated public servant, and recent recipient of the Union Leader's Granite State Legacy Award, has endorsed Frank Guinta in his race for Congress.

Ms. Monier had this to say in her endorsement: 

"I am proud to endorse my friend Frank Guinta in his race for Congress. His private sector background gives him an unequaled depth of understanding about how our economy works and what Washington should and shouldn't do. His time as the executive of the state's largest city shows he can work with Republicans, Democrats and Independents to cut taxes, reduce spending and slash borrowing. His is an example of what we can do when politics are left at the door to govern on our behalf in a conservative, pragmatic way."

Frank Guinta released this statement:

"I am honored to receive Claira's endorsement this afternoon. Her integrity and grace is only surpassed in volume by the amount of respect Granite Staters have for her across the political and geographic spectrum of this state. As the campaign revs up with the calendar winding down we will continue to focus on our collective national interest in seeing the debt and deficit reduced, pro growth policies implemented, replacing ObamaCare with market based solutions, and protecting Granite Staters from Washington excesses."