Guinta For Congress (CD1) - Shea-Porter Gives Herself a C+

Congresswoman Shea-Porter Can't Fool New Hampshire

In an interview yesterday with WKXL Concord, Congresswoman Shea-Porter gave the Obama Administration a "B- or C+ grade". Given the fact she votes with democrats 94% of the time, she is effectively giving herself a generous grade of a C+.

Jay Ruais, Campaign Manager for Frank Guinta, released the following statement:

"Despite the admitted lack of a foreign policy, despite the crisis on the southern border, despite the continued failures with ObamaCare, and despite a still struggling economy and ever increasing federal debt, Carol Shea-Porter gives the Obama Administration and herself a passing grade?

While the Congresswoman knows the route out of New Hampshire quite well, she is all over the map when it comes to justifying her unwavering approval of the Obama Administration. The Congresswoman may think that simply refusing to hold a town hall would shield us from this obvious contradiction, but New Hampshire voters know and deserve better."