Garcia For Congress (CD2) - State of the Marilinda Garcia for Congress Campaign



With just 5 days until the Republican Primary and less than two months until the General Election, the Marilinda Garcia campaign is well positioned to ensure that Marilinda Garcia will win the Republican Primary on Tuesday and immediately focus our attention to Rep. Kuster.

As we approach the final stages of our race, I’d like to update you on the state of our campaign and the state of the primary and general election race:

  1. Internal and external polls continue to show that the more New Hampshire voters meet Marilinda, the more they like her and her conservative positions on issues important to Granite Staters.
  2. Voters like Marilinda’s opposition to amnesty and national education standards, and support her commitment to our nation’s national security.
  3. The campaign’s field team continues to prove that it is a difference-maker in this election, having contacted more than 80,000 voters in the district.  This includes more than 15,000 doors and 70,000 unique phone calls.
  4. We have 30 volunteers helping us week after week, and average 3,000 phone calls per day. A number that will grow through the weekend.
  5. Our Get out the Vote (GOTV) operation will have staging locations throughout the district with roughly fifteen volunteers in each working to help get out the vote.
  6. Marilinda continues to tirelessly meet with voters throughout the district, and has visited over 50 local businesses and organization.
  7. Our campaign also out-fundraised Gary Lambert by a more than 8-1 margin between July 1 and August 20. 

Our campaign continues to gain momentum and provide Marilinda Garcia with the tools necessary to meet and engage with a high number of voters throughout the district.

We have received a number of key endorsements in the past few weeks, most notably the New Hampshire Union Leader, who called Marilinda Garcia “the kind of candidate Republicans should be nominating because she is a sharp, thoughtful conservative who can articulate her positions with a depth of understanding and a breadth of appeal that few candidates possess.”

Marilinda is now consistently referred to as the front-runner in the Republican primary by political insiders and those following this race. Roll Call even noted that in the recent Franklin Pierce Debate, Marilinda was “attacked like the front-runner.”

Our high probability of winning the primary election is demonstrated by Gary Lambert’s dependence on negative and dishonest attack ads. Gary Lambert has recognized that his campaign is crumbling, and has attempted to distort Marilinda’s legislative record and positions in an attempt to fool and distract voters from our recent successes.

However, all of Gary Lambert’s attacks and baseless claims have been discredited and have been met with much public disapproval. Politifact New Hampshire gave Gary a “pants on fire” rating for his dishonest claims on Marilinda’s economic plan, the Union Leader disproved Gary’s immigration attacks in articles entitled “Garcia gains Lambert lies” and “Amnesty? Garcia is against it”, and now Republican leadership from across the state are calling on Gary to take down his dishonest attack ads against Marilinda. 

Gary Lambert was also criticized by his hometown newspaper, the Nashua Telegraph, for his immigration related attacks. The Telegraph explained “rather than engage in a thoughtful evaluation of how to secure our borders and fairly determine the consequences for immigrants living here unlawfully, the garbage being advanced by … Lambert only pushes the public discourse further from where it ought to be…Voters shouldn’t be taken in by such scare tactics.”

Even Representative Kuster agrees that Marilinda Garcia is the candidate to beat in this election. Marilinda is the only candidate being targeted by Kuster and her Democrat allies, and Kuster’s recent emails have admitted that she is now “neck and neck” with Marilinda and that “the race is definitely tightening.”

Our growing momentum has also influenced Rep. Kuster and encouraged her to change her own strategy. She was forced to begin airing her television ads and spending valuable campaign dollars in early August, despite having no primary challengers this year. She has also attempted to distance herself from the Obama administration, and tried to downplay her self-described affection as one of “the strongest supporters of the President in the entire Congress.”

Additionally, our campaign continues to receive an abundance of valuable media attention from local and national news outlets. recently published this impressive article which was featured on the front-page of the USA Today website and proclaimed that “observers give her a shot at snatching the 2nd District seat in this political bellwether state, and if she does, Republican stardom would likely await her.” 

The Monadnock Ledger-Transcript, Eagle Times, and Practical Politicking have also recently featured stories on our campaign, and we have been the topic of many supportive letters to the editor, including this one in the Monadnock Ledger-Transcript, this letter in the Concord Monitor, and this letter in the Suncook Valley Sun.

With less than a week until the primary, we are continuing to move forward and are gaining momentum by the day.

Our campaign is in excellent position going forward, and we are confident that we will help Marilinda win in both September and November.