NHDP - MEMO: NH Republicans Welcoming the GOP’s Shutdown Champions

From: DNC Regional Press Secretary Ian Sams and NHDP Communications Director Julie McClain
To: Interested Parties
Date: September 5, 2014
Re: New Hampshire Republicans Welcoming the GOP’s Shutdown Champions to the Granite State

Today, New Hampshire Republicans welcomed RNC Chair Reince Priebus to the Granite State, while this weekend Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal will descend on New Hampshire to support GOP candidates and promote their likely 2016 presidential bids.
It’s fitting that these three ringleaders are supporting New Hampshire Republicans, since GOP candidates in the Granite State are promising to echo the brinksmanship and toxic shutdown politics pushed by Cruz, Jindal and Priebus.
While Cruz was the architect of the 2013 government shutdown, Priebus and Jindal were two of its top cheerleaders. With New Hampshire Republicans bringing in the GOP’s shutdown champions to support their candidates, we see a stark reminder that New Hampshire Republicans aren’t running on ideas to boost the middle class, improve health care or ease the rising costs of education. Instead, they’re running bringing in tea party icons like Cruz and Jindal with close ties to Big Oil billionaires because they don’t understand New Hampshire.
Ted Cruz – the Model for NH Republicans
Ted Cruz led the charge to shut down the federal government in 2013 over a plan to “defund Obamacare” – a strategy straight out of the GOP playbook to get rid of the Affordable Care Act. The position to repeal ACA, and thereby repealing bipartisan Medicaid Expansion, is shared by Scott Brown, Jim Rubens, Bob Smith, Marilinda Garcia, Gary Lambert, Frank Guinta, and Dan Innis.
So let’s be clear: there is no daylight between any Republican candidate in New Hampshire and Ted Cruz.
To this day, Cruz has expressed no regret over shutting down the federal government – and maybe that’s why candidates like Marilinda Garcia, who Cruz will rally for this weekend, just this week said she would consider using the threat of a government shutdown to push an extreme agenda.
Bobby Jindal – the Shutdown’s Top Cheerleader
As Republicans planned their shutdown theatrics, Jindal was one of the top cheerleaders for shutting down the government –saying “we absolutely should use whatever opportunity and tactic we can to repeal and replace Obamacare.” Jindal supported this disastrous plan, despite the fact that many employees in Louisiana were affected by the shutdown. On the shutdown, Jindal showed once again that he puts extreme, tea party ideology over doing what’s best for the people of his state.
As Vice Chair of the RGA, we imagine Jindal would love to see New Hampshire with a Republican governor like Walt Havenstein, who would rather play base politics – like his recent pretzel-twisting on whether he would repeal Medicaid expansion – than just do what’s best for Granite Staters.
Reince Priebus – Leading the GOP to the Right
During Cruz’s shutdown, while Jindal was cheering it on, RNC Chair Reince Priebus was right there with them. Priebus and the RNC launched a “Stand with Ted” campaign to support Cruz’sshutdown efforts and told House Republicans to hold the line in the shutdown fight.
Instead of expanding his party’s footprint to new and diverse constituencies, Priebus – like Jennifer Horn at the NHGOP – has doubled down on appealing to the same tea party base that voters rejected in 2012. Instead of taking his own advice in the RNC’s post-2012 “Autopsy Report,” Priebus and the GOP have continued to oppose immigration reform, oppose commonsense measures like raising the minimum wage and ensuring equal pay, and oppose reforms to ease the costs of higher education for students. This is the model for the NHGOP and the blueprint New Hampshire Republicans will follow if elected in November.
The Bottom Line
The Republican candidates in New Hampshire continue to welcome scandal-plagued governors like Rick Perry and Chris Christie, while embracing shutdown champions like Ted Cruz, Bobby Jindal and Reince Priebus. The more of these failed leaders they bring to New Hampshire, the more New Hampshire voters see just how out of touch the Republican Party is with the needs of working families in the Granite State. 
Democrats remain committed to expanding opportunity – through a higher minimum wage, equal pay for women, greater access to health care, support for students and veterans – while the GOP doubles down on a failed, tea party agenda that puts extreme ideology over the interests of voters.

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