Rubens For US Senate - Confused by Scott Brown's Debate Answers? We Are Too

If you were confused by Scott Brown's answers in the Granite State Debate on WMUR-TV, you are not to blame.  His answers were all over the map.


Brown said with respect to immigration that we have to remove the magnets and yet he voted in favor of them in Massachusetts.


Last night, in defending his support of Medicaid expansion in New Hampshire, he said the program is designed to be a temporary program.


In response to a question if he would support a federal "assault weapons bans", Brown said "if there is legislation coming forward, my door would be open."


When answering which Democrat he respects the most, he chose Senator Shaheen.  Rubens did not choose Shaheen because she voted 99% of the time with Obama and is a rubber-stamp for his agenda.  She does not represent New Hampshire's values.